Dice & Divination

Dice & Divination is a unique collection of 5 Roll & Write games. Each version of the game plays completely different from one another, but you may play at the same time and against other players comparing scores at the end.

Each player chooses their divination method from the five available options. The game consists of a quick 6 rounds in which 3 dice are rolled (not included). Each player will use the same 3 dice rolled but in different ways depending on their divination method of choice. The games have been balanced against each other to ensure that no player has a consistent upper hand. It is also completely fine for everyone in the group to play the same divination method if that is your preference.

Dice & Divination is a digital download with no physical product included. Upon purchase you will receive a link where you may download the files. You are responsible for printing the pages, and acquiring three 6-sided dice.

Dice & Divination vol. 2

In the second installation of Dice and Divination we get 2 new games to play! Dive into the world of dreams with dream interpretation and tap into your inner mystic with Pendulum Dowsing! Both games are balanced in accordance with the other games in the set so you can play the same game as your friends or different ones and compare your scores!

Pendulum dowsing is a unique take on route building as you struggle to keep routes open and build your pendulums appropriately to get the most points!

In Dream Interpreting you will dive into your subconscious and seek to make connections through different parts of your mind. Both are a puzzly without feeling overwhelmingly strategic.