Snack Time

Snack Time is a quick roll-and-write game where players take on the role of somewhat deranged individuals trying to keep their creations from starving...the only problem is they tend to snack on poor pedestrians walking the street. Sure you feel bad about it, but you can't just let them starve!

We developed this game during the height of the pandemic and as a result we wanted to make sure that you could easily play this game over a video call and with an unlimited number of players. Snack Time is set to be released on Kickstarter within the month of October. We will have a limited number of Early Bird Copies available so hit the button below to know the second the campaign goes live!
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McKay Anderson

McKay Anderson is our resident gameplay and mechanics designer. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and immediately worked for Hasbro for 3 years following graduation.

McKay and Matt actually met at Hasbro and it wasn't until 4 years later that they met up again by chance after both had left Hasbro.

McKay's favorite board games include Seven Wonders, Five Tribes, Karuba, and Welcome To. Gameplay mechanics that speak to McKay specifically include deck building, worker placement, and light or indirect conflict.

McKay has a hard time getting on board with area control, dungeon crawlers, resource management, and anythign that is too chance-based.

Matthew Eng

Matt tends to be more business inclined than McKay and is also the primary Visual and Art Director. While both McKay and Matt are artists at heart Matt has more experience in Visual Development.

Matt has worked for major clients such as EA, Hasbro, and Blizzard.