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Welcome to the Wards of Stonefall. The world is in shambles as the Whims run rampant across the land destroying everything in their path. Humanity has gathered where they may make their last stand. They call this city Stonefall. Each night the Whims attack relentlessly and each night you drive them back to the pit the came from...but you can't carry on like this forever.

The Wards of Stonefall is a roll and write, campaign style game. Set to launch of kickstarter later this year, we are anxious to get it in the hands of passionate playtesters! If you would like to join the next wave of playtesters for this epic campaign of smashing monsters and building guardians please joing our discord (link below) and let us know you are interested!
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McKay Anderson

McKay Anderson is our resident gameplay and mechanics designer. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and immediately worked for Hasbro for 3 years following graduation.

McKay and Matt actually met at Hasbro and it wasn't until 4 years later that they met up again by chance after both had left Hasbro.

McKay's favorite board games include Seven Wonders, Five Tribes, Karuba, and Welcome To. Gameplay mechanics that speak to McKay specifically include deck building, worker placement, and light or indirect conflict.

McKay has a hard time getting on board with area control, dungeon crawlers, resource management, and anythign that is too chance-based.

Matthew Eng

Matt manages and attends to the daily business side of things. Matt is also the primary Visual and Art Director. While both McKay and Matt are artists at heart, Matt has more experience in Visual Development as he has worked for major Video And Board Game brands such as EA, Hasbro, Ravensburger, and more.

Matt enjoys most games as long as they provide the opportunity to think and reason through ideal strategies. Party games are not necessarily where Matt or McKay prefer to spend their time.

As a graduate in Industrial Design from the school of animation, Matt has a diverse skill set in Illustration, animation, and visual development.